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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book a Sexy Diva Party? 

It’s Simple email us at and we will let you know if there are presenters in your town.  If there isn't, you can do 1 of 2 things.  

#1. Sign up as for FREE as a Diva and host your own Party and get 55% off your First Order and earn money on all the sales from your Party depending w. So instead of Hostess Gifts you get Cash!!!!!! 

#2. You can do an online Virtual Party. All you have to do is promote the Party on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and any other Social Media Site you are on and direct you friends and family to a Personal Website link we give you for that Party. You have your friends and family put your name in the comment box at checkout and at the end of the Party we will send you the Party totals and the Hostess order form.  Fill it out and send it back by scan or taking a picture of it with your smart phone and emailing it to us and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the Amount owed and once we receive payment your order will be shipped out the next Day along with an extra Free Gifts for doing the Online Party.  

I want to order but I am confused about what product to order and how to use the products. 

That is a very common question.  Because some of today's adult toys and products being so technologically advanced nowadays we have the Manufactures information and videos available for you to watch on most of our products at the bottom of our website under the headings product descriptions. How you use the A-z Product Descriptions guides is look for the manufactures name it is right under the title on the product page. Find the manufacturer under the correct tab, such as Pure Desire would be under the M-S Tab. If there is information on Manufacturers information on the product there will be a link for that product under the Manufacturer's Logo.  If there is not information there for the product in questions you can Google the manufactures website and the product information should be on their website.  Please feel free to email us at and we can also help you choose the perfect product for your needs. 

What is your Return Policy? 

Do to the nature of the Products we sell we do not accept returns. However if your product is defective or damaged please take a picture of the damage within 3 Days of receipt and send it to us at and we will immediately send out a replacement to you. Your 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal. 

Frequently Asked Questions Presenters 

What is Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties and why should I join Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties and not one of the many other Party Plan Companies? 

Sexy Diva Lingerie's founders have a solid background in marketing, sales, distribution, business development, party plan organization, and customer service. 

As independent Sexy Diva consultants, we are able to offer clients sexual awareness, guidance on enhancing relationships and self esteem, promote sex-positive attitudes. Our top quality, extensive product line of over 1000 products generates repeat sales for products that are not readily available for women to purchase at any local store. We also are adding new products weekly so that keeps your customers coming back to your website more often than they would the other Competitors sights that always have the same products. This strategy helps you sell more products to your customers thus adding more income to your bottom line. 

Sexy Diva is a Brand New Party Plan Company, why is it a good idea to get on the Ground Floor with a New Company? 

Getting on the Ground Floor of an Exciting New Direct Sale Company is an Opportunity of a Lifetime. You will be the first Presenter in your town and sometimes your state.  None of your friends have ever heard of us so they are excited to listen to the opportunity.  It is so easy to recruit because everyone wants to be on the Ground Floor of an Exciting New Direct Sale Company. Being on the ground floor puts you in position to grow in the ranks very fast so that you reach the Top of the Commission Plan, that is where the big money is at and that is when you can quit your day job and live a Dream life!!! 

Do I have to sell Adult Products if I become a Sexy Diva Presenter? 

Absolutely Not!!! We understand not all People are comfortable selling Adult Products.  That's why we have a huge selection of Lingerie, Lotions and Cosmetics, and Bachelorette Party items.  You are 100% the boss of your own business, you choose what type of parties to hold and what kind of stock you want to purchase. You can always direct your clients to your website if they want to purchase adult toys from you. 

What is the Sexy Diva Commissions Plan?   

It is so simple everyone joins for FREE as a Diva. As a Diva you get a 25% Website Commission and a 35% Purchase Discount .Once you have either $500 in one month in Sales or once you reach $1000 in total sales you become an Advanced Diva at Website sales commissions of 35% and your purchase discount of 45%. Once you advance to Diva you can grow a team and get paid 5% on your First Level Downline.  To be eligible for Override bonuses on your team you must hit a personal purchase or sales goal of $100 per month to be paid overrides for that month.   This Simple but Lucrative pay structure is unheard of in the industry. Go ahead compare��"we dare you. 

Is there any Company Sponsored Training & Incentives? 

At this time since we are so new we have Monthly Training Calls and One on One Coaching with your up-line. Right now we have our Presenters Training Website at  

Do we get our Own Websites? 

You do have your own website link to give to customers it is just not customized with your name or information. You also get a back office that tracks the traffic to your website, your Sales and your Commissions. 

When do we get paid? 

You get paid for your website sales every Friday for the previous weeks Purchases cut offs are Sundays the Prior week so its about 10-14 Days turn around time. We do this because of returns. You do not get paid on items that are returned or rejected. We use PayPal and PayPal does charge a 2.9% fee for every payment sent the Presenter is responsible for that fee. 

How do I become a Sexy Diva Presenter? 

It’s Easy; there is a Link on the Front Page that says Join Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties as a Diva. Click on it and a form will pop up for you to fill out.  Once you join you will get a Welcome email from Affiliatly the Company we use for the form that contains your Discount code, links to our Facebook group and to our training website.  Please join our Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties group page immediately because that is where all the daily information about the Company is discussed. 

How much does it cost to Join? 

Its FREE to Join Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties. You get a 50% Discount on your first purchase to purchase the stock you need to host a successful Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties Party. 

Can people from other Countries Join?
No At this time only people fro the USA can join Sexy Diva
Can Men Join?
Not at this time because of the Sensitive Nature of the Products we sell and the dynamics of the Sexy Diva Group Page. Any Person that identifies as a women is Welcome to Sexy Diva.
Who can come to a Sexy Diva Party?
Right now unless you are trained in Hosting Couples Parties only women over the Age of 18 can attend a Sexy Diva Party. No minors must be present in the Home during the Party.

Do I need to do anything to stay active and keep my website? 

You need to have a purchases or sales equaling $150 a Quarter to stay active or your website is cancelled

Why do you have Digital Catalogs and Sales Forms not Hard Copies? 

We have only Digital Catalogs and Forms because of several reasons. 

#1 Our Inventory Levels and Items available change every day so by the time you would order and receive your paper catalogs a lot of the items in the catalog would be sold out. We download the newest most up to date Catalog to our website every day so that the Morning of your Party you can download and print the most up to date order forms and catalogs. That way all the items you guests order is always available for purchase. 

#2 it is Eco Friendly 

#3 Today's buyers are very tech savvy and would rather look at the catalogs from their I Pad’s and Phones. 

What happens if an item is temporarily out of Stock? 

This rarely happens but when it does we offer the customer a similar item of greater value and we pay for the shipping. We also throw in a Free Sample Gift for them for the inconvenience. This is all at the Company's cost not yours. 

How are Party Sales and Hostess Gifts handled? 

The Company handles all the Hostess Gifts for you.  All you have to do is to Host the Party, collect the money from the guests for their purchases and orders and then go to our Website at and order all of your guests purchases in one order, put in your Discount Code and you get to keep the profit from your Party instantly. For delivery options can choose at checkout to have the entire order shipped to your address or to your hostesses address. We suggest you hand deliver all of the items ordered to the homes of your Customers that gives you a 2nd chance to get them to book their own party or to sign them up as a Presenter.  For the Hostess Gifts, after you tally the sales from the Party using the Hostess Rewards Tracking sheet have the Hostess fill out the Hostess Order form, scan and email the order form to us at and we will send a PayPal invoice to the Hostess for her order and once we receive payment we will ship her order the next business day. 

What are the Hostess Rewards at Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties? 

Our Hostesses get 10% of their entire party order, not including their personal purchases. If their Party hits $150 they get a 50% Discount on their Entire Personal Order. We are the PERFECT Company for Brides-To-Be to get their entire Wedding Night Lingerie, Bath and Body Products, Fun Toys and Bachelorette Party Items at a HUGE Discount!!! 

How are Hostess Rewards Tracked? 

It's easy have your Hostess sign up on the website link on the Host a Party Page of the Sexy Diva Website and she will get a temporary Website Link and a back office so she can refer friends and family to that link to ensure she gets credit for all of her sales. The day of the Party she can pull up her back office for you so you can get all of her online sales, and her face to face sales figured for her Hostess Rewards Amount. 

How are Hostess Rewards Handled? 

We take care of everything including the Discount except the Hostess Gifts, those are your responsibility. At the end of the night tally up all of the sales from the party and from your Hostess's website sales on the Hostess Party form and have the Hostess fill out the Hostess Order Form once you get the entire Party totals. Scan and Email the form to We will then Email her a PayPal Receipt and once we get payment her order will ship the next Business day.  We will double check items ordered at Party to items ordered for stock in the past.  If we feel the Party Order amount does not calculate correctly from your Order History Corporate can refuse to pay the Hostess rewards and will bill you for the Amount in question. 

Do I get Paid Commission on my Hostesses Order? 

No Presenters do not get paid off of the Hostesses Orders. They do go towards credit for your Monthly Purchase requirement amounts to be paid override bonuses.